Saturday, 12 July 2014

Meet Ants Bell...



Hey there, i'm a middle weight Art Director, looking for a great copywriter in London. I've got about 5 - 6 years under my belt all from New Zealand, working at TBWA and FCB, where i've picked up a few awards here and there. I've also been freelancing at places like JWT. Moved here recently at the beginning of July and really keen to get cracking in a few places doing freelance work at first, but then finding the right agency to get a permanent job in. 

Have a look at my work and see what you think. It's got a bit of everything in there, even some radio. Which is a bit weird for an art director i guess... There's also a list of awards i've won and where i've worked etc. But basically if you're a copywriter keen to do some good shit, spell check my emails (jokes), and are up for a laugh, give me a yell.
Cheers, and hope to chat soon.

Meet James Holdsworth...



I’m James, an eager, curious and freshly graduated Art Director/Designer from the BA (Hons) Graphic Design course at Falmouth University. I’m looking for a keen, ambitious and witty copywriter to join me on placement and make great work together. Ideally someone who’s got a mix of skills with words and images (as I love playful copywriting myself) 

I love human behaviour as well as raw, bold ideas and solid execution - Moving image, photography, etc. I have the nimble skills to think fast and craft potential ideas - I just need a partner in crime.

I’ve already managed to have a few interviews for internships at some major advertising agencies and got hold of some great contacts at Drago 5, W&K etc. I’ve been told to come back once i’ve got a copywriter - which is why i’m here.

Take a look at my work & send me an email or text, i’d love to meet up with any CW’s who are looking to intern, work really hard and have a laugh.

Meet Martin Deneuville...



Hi there, 

I am a  young french art director with a BA in Advertising and Designlooking for a copywriter to team up with. I did several internships in France and currently at Havas London. I am looking for CW to build a portfolio, participate in advertising contests and apply in agencies in London!

Here  some of my works; don't hesitate to contact me if you like what you see! 

Get in touch

Meet Julien Finzi...




Hi I am Julien,
I am a junior-mid creative in London looking to team up with an art director.
For me advertising is an inescapable “fact of life”. It is an art form with its own codes and references. Finding the right words, trigger points and slogans, ultimately attracting an audience then having the message become ingrained into their collective consciousness, is more than just work; it is a daily state of mind for me.
In 2012 I past my associate degree in communication in Nice, France. As you know the Argentinians are famous in the advertising world, so I thought to my self – let’s go there! In Buenos Aires I found a job as an advertising copywriter for an outsourcing advertising agency called Via Buenos Aires. I had the opportunity to work with a talented art director and creative director who has won a few Lions in Cannes. It was an extraordinary experience for me as it sharpened my creativity and made me a better advertiser. After one year I decided to move from Buenos Aires to London. Now I am here and I am looking to team up with an art director who is crazy, limitless and creative like me.
As being French my English is not native. But, I believe that language is not an obstacle for being creative.
 « I am not a native English speaker, but I am a natural born creative. »
So do not hesitate to contact me.

Meet Cam Watts...



Hi there, I recently left my cushy job as a junior art director at Ogilvy & Mather NZ to come to London.  Now I’m single and alone, whoring myself out on singlecreatives. Although I can write, I’d much prefer a pure wordsmith to join forces with. 

If you’re a junior or mid brilliant copywriter with some solid experience and a great book, get in touch with me, and I’ll touch you back. Wait what? 


Meet Anna Lea Brisell



Hi, I'm Lea.

I'm a 26 year old art director and creative recently graduated. I'm moving to London soon and therefore looking for a new partner. 

I 'm looking for a creative copywriter who is hard working, kind and has his or hers creative engines on 24/7.

I'm super ambitious and I want a partner who, like myself, would rather make great ideas instead of sleeping.



2009-2011 : Studied multimedia design
2011-2014: Studied Creative communication - at the Danish School of Media and Journalism
2013-2014: 5 months internship at Ogilvy Paris

Work experience:
2011-2014: Graphic designer for the rug/carpet company Liniedesign
2012: Graphic designer for Trust marketing
2009-2010: Creative mind at BaneDanmark
2010-2014: Freelancer - web design and graphic design.

Meet Chris Byrne...



Hi there, I'm Chris. 

I've spent the last 2 years with a small digital agency in Los Angeles as an Associate Producer. I'm focused on finding new ways of telling stories in the brave new world of branded content production. I'm now a freelance producer and creative in London, and looking for a co-creator. Someone who wants to craft compelling content; whether video ads, websites, or mobile apps. If you've a desire to turn naysayers into participators, to surprise and entertain, to start a cooperative or even an agency one day, let's grab a coffee and start something. 


‣ Concept and pitch development (SOWs/proposals) 
‣ Digital content production (live-action/2D animation, from inception to delivery)
‣ Creative copywriting (scripts/treatments, pitch/proposals, web copy)
‣ Account management (logistics, budgeting, scheduling, and client services/biz development)

Favorite ads: 

Powerade "Nico"
Skype's "The Born Friends Family Portrait"
Expedia "Find Your Understanding"

*Disclaimer: I'm a fan of "sadvertising"

The important stuff: 

I like bacon, low budget rom-coms, and I’m a sucker for a good story. I’m fantastical about food, and love chowing down on delicious bites. I’m a film addict, a passionate reader of autobiographies, and I’ve one eye on YouTube and another on Vimeo in search of the latest and greatest video trends.