Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Meet Olga Pope...


Hey! I’m Olga. Born and bred in the Arctic Circle, but now a Londoner with a dual Russian/UK citizenship. Copywriter, research demon and reluctant designer, according to my business card. Currently on placement at Mother London, according to LinkedIn.
I’m looking for a creative partner; ideally an art director who would rather not be called an art director because they love ideas just as much as they do visuals. Someone bright, quick-thinking and brave. Someone who knows where they want to get to.
In return I’ll offer: plenty of ambition. Lots of ideas. A head full of random bits of info about pretty much everything. No whining about late evenings and working weekends. Incurable curiosity. Generally good thoughts. Strategy skills. Oh, and some writing too.
If you’re interested in credentials, I’ve got a couple of New Blood and YCN nominations and in-books, as well as a grown-up D&AD in-book and a place on this year’s CREAM list.
Let’s meet for a drink and a chat, and see what happens.

Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Meet Brian Tungol...


My name is Brian Tungol and I’m going to try and avoid making this introduction sound as dry as possible - Breaking Bad is the greatest TV drama series ever made.

Now if that statement offends you, unfortunately, our journey together ends here.
Unorthodox is the name of my game, and coincidentally, so is the game of advertising. I entered the industry 12 months ago as a fledgling ‘Junior Creative’ back home in Melbourne, Australia for a boutique advertising agency called Marmalade.

I quickly outshone many other junior creatives and within 3 months I was employed full-time as a Freelance Junior Art Director. I was paired up with a brilliant Copywriter, and some of our work is available for viewing below.

..but, I soon began to feel that I was outgrowing my home city like the Rock outgrows turtlenecks, and began looking for the next big thing. London drew me in like a moth to a flame, and now I’m looking for a copywriting partner to come feel the burn. The sweet, sweet burn.

If you like….stuff, and endlessly quoting Simpsons / Seinfeld / Curb Your Enthusiasm while still managing to keep your eyes on the prize, then we should definitely chat some time.
That’s all from me.
Here’s the Rock in a turtleneck and fanny pack:

When will it ever get old...


PORTFOLIO: Currently down for maintenance
MOBILE: 074 7701 3004

Meet Christian Harries...


My name is Christian Harries and I am a product design graduate from Ravensbourne in the UK. 
I am always looking at why products are the way that they are and by putting the user first I design products that are functional, beautiful and able to provide the best experience. 
While I have a lot of ideas not all of them can be done alone, i’m looking for a partner with the same user centered approach to design but from a different discipline to work on projects ranging from perforated bookmarks to an easy to use finance app. 
Let me know if you’re interested. 


MOBILE: 07803 373 248
TWITTER: @cjjharries

Meet Sam Cabodi...


Hi there!

I'm Sam, a junior Copywriter originally from Belgium, but now living in that busy city that is London.

French-native, I am a languages lover and a level C2 (Native speaker) in English, while being also fluent in Dutch and having good basis in German.

I graduated from a Belgian Univertsity of Arts in 2010, with a Bachelor in Advertising.  I have had the chance to work during my studies with Y&R Brussels, on multiple briefings, and after my studies for Coca-Cola Enterprises. I am currently at Brave in Parsons Green, where I am doing a 3-months internship as a Creative Copywriter working with major national and international brands.

I travelled a lot during the last 4 years, and have been active in different functions which were not really linked to advertising but were a very good school for many aspects.

I am looking to team-up with a great inspired Art Director who is passionate about his work, his life, and about everything that is in his (her) surroundings. I want to share great ideas, great times and great works!

I could describe my work, but although words are my main tool, I still think you'll get the bigger picture by having a look at it! So you'll see an overview of my work at

I'm a pretty easy-going guy that's really stress-resistant and adventurous, and I'll probably be into lots of same things as you.

So if you're interested into getting hyperactive and aim at working with the big cheeses, give me a shout!


MOBILE: 07466953134

Meet Gregoire Barau...


Hi, I’m Greg! I’m a French-born, London-bred Art Director who graduated from Central Saint Martins last year. I've done a few placements at AMV BBDO, Interstate and Nouveau Monde DDB Nantes. I also got Best In Year in the 2013 D&AD Student Awards (National Health Department brief). I’m looking for a copywriter — ideally to work in London, but could do France as well. Check out my work and if you like it, or better still, if you think you could improve it, let’s meet up over a coffee, a beer, Skype or whatever suits you.

Meet Alex Wood...


I'm Alex Wood, a single copywriter looking for an art director with some excellent craft and pride in their work. I graduated from Oxford  with a degree in English - so I've got the wordy bits down.

I started out straight away in an agency called Crayon, where I got the chance to flex my digital skills, and then Karmarama, where I learnt how to do things with a more traditional/integrated approach.

Overall I've been in the industry for about two and a half years, so ideally looking for someone who can match that with either experience or enthusiasm.

I'm a pretty media neutral guy (eurgh I wish there was a better way to say that), so would love to work on an array of stuff with you to see if we make a good fit.


Meet Mariam Makram-Ebeid


Hey you guys,

I'm a 20 year old Egyptian who's just freshly graduated from BA Creative Advertising at London College of Communication. Currently, I'm doing some work experience at adam&eveDDB which is really great and has me excited to start applying to placements & eventually jobs as a creative team. Hence, this post. 

I consider myself a hybrid of copywriter and art director but I'm really looking for someone with good art direction skills and the ability to make it easy to bounce ideas off each other.
It would be great to hear from you if you're interested, so we can have a chat over a drink and sort something out.

So take a look at my work and hit me up!