Thursday, 19 February 2015

Meet Marc Gibb...


Areet (Hello)
I’m Marcus Gibb and I’m a Geordie (from Newcastle upon Tyne, now living in London).
Me ma always telt us “shy bairns get nowt” and I’m “geet canny as owt” (My Mother always told me to be forthcoming and I’m an extremely pleasant chap).
So here goes...
I'm a junior creative/copywriter with 2 years' agency experience in Newcastle upon Tyne, now living in London, and looking for an art director to take on our fine capital city.
I've got experience writing for TV, radio, press, social and outdoor and looking for someone with the same experience.
I’m what my late granddad would call a “grafter”, and my current creative director quotes as having “a real Geordie work ethic”, working hard at what I do because I enjoy it, and well that’s the way I was brought up. 
Newcastle is constantly topping polls about the friendliest people and the most loveable accent, so don't be scared, give me a shout! 

Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Meet Arianna Carboni...


This is Arianna, Conceptual Junior Art Director. I am Italian but I studied and graduated in London at the University of the Arts  in July 2014. 
I am looking for a brilliant and ambitious copy as partner, someone bright, quick-thinker and brave. 
If you are interested and you like my artistic style, don’t hesitate to contact me.


Meet Simona Garufi...


Hello Creatives!
My name's Simona Garufi and I’m a middleweight copywriter who’s looking for her perfect match.
I’m Italian and I’ve been working either for big international networks and small agencies. I moved to the UK two years ago, but I’ve been in London since January. I have got a 4-year-experience in working on a vast range of brands (food, telecommunication companies, travel, non-profit organisations and so on).
I’m an enthusiastic and easy-going person. Hungry for art, music and new trends.
It would be great if I could find an inspired, open-minded and passionate art director who wants to knock on some doors.

Let’s start doing a great job together.

Meet Caroline Michaelis...



I am a Junior Art Director moved fresh from Germany to the United Kingdom and want to get cracking into the British market, but sadly there is missing one piece; a hard working, motivated, enthusiastic copywriter who wants to achieve also brilliant work for the best agencies to support them with creative ideas and thoughts but of course never without fun and procrastination.

I am a morning person (but can also shut up if you not), I love to spend more money on food than on clothes, like to get inspirations: in the cinema, theatre, walking through the park or streets, museums, exhibitions and things like this, I don't like raisins and I don't like the word hate. Because I am a positive person (with also bad days) and don't like to waste days with negative thinking. Thats what you need to know about me!

I have worked for:
Mercedes Benz
Oley for men
Kraft Food

The Agencies I have worked with for these clients: Jung von Matt/Alster Hamburg, Germany and Saatchi&Saatchi Shanghai, China

I worked as a part-time for some other agencies in Germany as well so in total I have around 2 years experience in industry.

Drop me a line if you are interested in a german creative and meet for a coffee or beer to find out if we meant to each other!

Meet Vito Catalani...


Hello. My name is Vito. 
I'm a Junior Copywriter with experience in the United States, Brazil and France. 

I'll make this very quick (because we all jump to the portfolios anyway).

There is one big thing I want from a creative partner. 

Never being afraid to call out the right reason why an idea is "complete, useless, shit".

I'm looking to work in Europe, Brazil and the US, wherever you prefer and/or have any leads. I can also cook. At least that's what my mom says. 



Thursday, 12 February 2015

Meet Devon Wood...


Hi guys,
The nuts and bolts:
I’m Devon, a 23 year old Kiwi just moved to London a year or so ago. I am a junior copywriter with 3 years experience across a range of accounts including ANZ bank, Tourism NZ, 2degrees Telecommunications, Nissan and Good Books. I am currently at JWT London.
I’m looking for an art director who knows how to work collaboratively, with tons of ideas and a sharp eye. I’m an easygoing partner who likes to have fun at work – as long as we’re delivering great ideas and doing it on time!
I’d say Radio is my favourite medium because we can set the scene anywhere, from outer space to Nanna’s tea party -  and there’s usually the budget to do it.
When I’m not at work I fanatically watch movies, hunt for a good read and jot down some ideas for my own book. After I’m done crossing out almost everything and banging my head against the desk, I like to go out for a few drinks with my mates.
If you reckon we could make a great team, flick me an email and we’ll grab a coffee and see where it goes! 


Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Meet Vivien Decombe...


I’m a junior Art Director looking for a CW with a bit of experience in the industry and keen to break in as soon as we can! The past three months, I’ve made some contacts and get a few book crit really useful we could use as a starting point.
If you’re passionate, motivated and like what’s in my folio, I’ll be happy to catch up and tell you more around a pint.