Monday, 28 July 2014

Meet Alice Silvestri...



Hungry - curious - bit crazy junior creative looking to join forces with an inspiring art director to do great stuff together and possibly win some awards.

Borned and raised between Italy and Norway, I now live in London to crack on with work and have some fun too. I just finished a 4 months internship at Don't Panic London where I've enjoyed solid teamwork and been working dam hard. At the moment I am looking to enter an ad agency as a Junior Team.

When it comes to work I I approach it with a to do attitude and never get scared to get hands bit dirty. I believe an idea should inspire, motivate, create a desire and start conversation and I always make sure to touch all this elements when working on a new campaign. I am constantly curious of live and love to keep eveyone around me happy, so a smile will never miss on my face!

Now, if you think I could be the partner you are looking for, pic up the phone an drop me a line, couldn't e more excited to start working together.



Syrian civilians are starving and dying of treatable diseases because of protestants build up roadblocks outside refugee camps, confiscating food and medication. How do we raise awarness of the issue among londoners?
There’s a real buzz around the latest restaurant to open in the East End, featuring the incredible cuisine of Aleppo. The launch is this Friday and you, famous food reviewer, are invited!
We set up an exciting new fake pop-up restaurant and invite food critics like Giles Coren and Grace Dent to a special gala opening night in aid of Syrian refugees. The menu is going to be a surprise, so they won’t know what to expect.
Sure, not the cypress-leaf soup for starter and the grass ‘salad’ as a main course. And for sachet of MRE porridge shared between all of them wasn’t quite the way they thought to end a dinner.
To gain additional press around the pop-up restaurant we create a backstory. The pop-up restaurant is brought to you by a Syrian refugee who fled the conflict and started from scratch in the UK. In the past 3 years he has rebuilt his life and started a Syrian cuisine restaurant based on his knowledge from Syria (limited access to ingredients).
A video of the entire event together with interviews to bloggers and journalist will become online content to spread the voice for Syria. As well, the #HungrySyria will allow guests to post and share comments and pics of the dinner via social media channels.

Meet Jack Tanner...



A Junior Copywriter who has recently returned from travelling. Now that my travels have ended, I'm looking to team up with an ambitious Art Director with equally ambitious ideas.

After graduating from Bournemouth Uni, I spent my time interning at agencies around London such as Gyro, Inferno, TBG and McCann. I also managed to gain some freelance work at WARL and Seven Seconds. 
For me, this is a team effort. Therefore both of our opinions count. If you think that the copy I write should be written another way (and you can tell me) then great. That's how I like to work. 
I came into the industry to enjoy what I do and for me, there's nothing more enjoyable than working with someone who is a friend as well as a creative partner.
So feel free to have a little look around my portfolio. If you like what you see then let's go for a beer and talk it out.

Meet Vivien Decombe...



After three internships at Leo Burnett (Paris), BETC (Paris)  and Saatchi&Saatchi (Sydney), it seemed obvious that the next step to improve my creative skills was London. So, here I am to find the right partner and the perfect agency !I have art directing skills but I’m keen to team up with a CW (with good eye and able to say that I’m doing shit even on photoshop), an AD, a creative technologist or anyone who is passionate, curious, who doesn’t like to do twice the same thing, not afraid to hear ten times a day that our idea sucks and come back with ten more till we get the good one. I believe in pen and paper. Photoshop doesn’t give you ideas !
Take a look at my folio, if you are interrested, let’s meet up for a chat around a beer (if you don’t drink beer I like coffee too).
PS : I’m French.

Meet Asa Bradshaw...



Hi, I'm an art director/creative, looking for someone similar to team up with to take over the advertising world in London and blow them away.
Since leaving Uni, I have had returning placements at Collective London, TBWA London and Bluehive London. A few big passions in my life include football, cooking, creative things and amazing things.
My perfect creative partner would have to be on the same wavelength as myself, as well as motivated to be the very best. Overall, I am a fun loving guy who hopes to find 'the one' to create great, amazing, wonderful work with.


Saturday, 12 July 2014

Meet Ants Bell...



Hey there, i'm a middle weight Art Director, looking for a great copywriter in London. I've got about 5 - 6 years under my belt all from New Zealand, working at TBWA and FCB, where i've picked up a few awards here and there. I've also been freelancing at places like JWT. Moved here recently at the beginning of July and really keen to get cracking in a few places doing freelance work at first, but then finding the right agency to get a permanent job in. 

Have a look at my work and see what you think. It's got a bit of everything in there, even some radio. Which is a bit weird for an art director i guess... There's also a list of awards i've won and where i've worked etc. But basically if you're a copywriter keen to do some good shit, spell check my emails (jokes), and are up for a laugh, give me a yell.
Cheers, and hope to chat soon.

Meet James Holdsworth...



I’m James, an eager, curious and freshly graduated Art Director/Designer from the BA (Hons) Graphic Design course at Falmouth University. I’m looking for a keen, ambitious and witty copywriter to join me on placement and make great work together. Ideally someone who’s got a mix of skills with words and images (as I love playful copywriting myself) 

I love human behaviour as well as raw, bold ideas and solid execution - Moving image, photography, etc. I have the nimble skills to think fast and craft potential ideas - I just need a partner in crime.

I’ve already managed to have a few interviews for internships at some major advertising agencies and got hold of some great contacts at Drago 5, W&K etc. I’ve been told to come back once i’ve got a copywriter - which is why i’m here.

Take a look at my work & send me an email or text, i’d love to meet up with any CW’s who are looking to intern, work really hard and have a laugh.

Meet Martin Deneuville...



Hi there, 

I am a  young french art director with a BA in Advertising and Designlooking for a copywriter to team up with. I did several internships in France and currently at Havas London. I am looking for CW to build a portfolio, participate in advertising contests and apply in agencies in London!

Here  some of my works; don't hesitate to contact me if you like what you see! 

Get in touch