Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Meet Charles Bignall...


My names Charles Bignell, and i'm a 23 year old Creative / Art Director from Oxford.

I graduated from Loughborough University School of Art & Design last year, with a BA in Visual Communication. After i'd graduated I started producing work that was predominantly design based work. A lot of the stuff that I did when I left was inspired by the Swiss Legacy movement. As my work started to develop, I started to notice trends in what I was doing, and realised that my work was becoming more conceptual. Since then I have been producing ads, and working on creative concepts myself, but the majority of the time have been struggling with the copywriting side of things. I quite enjoy developing ideas that are challenging and emotive, but also like using humour and nostalgia in my work. Feel free to have a look at my work below, and go on my website and ideas blog. I've tried to include some examples of illustrative and ad stuff i've done.  If you're a copywriter, and you like what you see, it'd be cool to get in touch and start putting some ideas together.


Meet Lucy Kaitcer...


Hi I'm Lucy Kaitcer!
My situation is slightly unusual and maybe not what you are used to - but that's a good thing right? I come from an account management background working at McCanns, however over the past year I have been working in my spare time on a portfolio and I have been working with a creative team on live briefs as I am desperate to break into a career in creative advertising. I am currently based in Manchester but I am also open to moving to London.
Whilst doing all of this and my day job, I have done a St Martins short course in creative advertising, all about copy and visuals and how they work together. I am a creative as I have been doing both the art direction and copy in my work, however I would say I am looking to work with a junior creative or a junior copywriter. I am looking to start placements in a team with this person.
I love working with ideas and creating advertising campaigns which make people stop and think. I am so passionate, eager and committed about this career path and I am looking for a partner who shares this same ambition.
I am very chilled out girl, easy going and love meeting new people. I love art (I paint when I can) and travelling... and I really enjoy watching a good documentary!
If you are interested in getting in touch with me please email me and I’ll get back to you straight away. I would love to meet up for a drink with anyone who is interested and we can talk it out.

Meet Dylan Drake...



I wrote, shot and edited my first film when I was 13 years old and I have not put the camera down since. With a degree in Advertising Design at the University of Salford and numerous cinematographic projects under my belt, I have an experience of each stage of the production process in the advertising industry. I was chairman of Salford University Boat Club and a member of the university’s football team. I speak four different languages, lived in France, China and the UK and have a diverse cultural background, visiting over forty different countries. But I am currently looking for a passionate copywriter to join an agency in London as a creative team.


PORTFOLIO: dylandrake@me.com
MOBILE: 07540136197

Meet Tori Fannon...


Hello single creative. I'm Tori. A  mid-weight conceptual Art Director with 5 years' experience cutting my teeth in adland.

I'm a fully integrated creative so I'm used to applying big ideas to any medium, but most of all I love film, print, ambient and digital. Because of this I want to work for one of the big shops like AMV, W+K, 4Creative, BBH or Mother. Whilst working towards this, I'm looking for someone who's up for a few freelance gigs too.

I'm looking for a creative genius. A talented writer who is also an ideas machine. Someone who will work through the night with me to crack big briefs, and someone to hit the pub with when it's time to celebrate. I'm really driven to win serious awards, so the same ambition is an absolute must. Most of all though I'm looking for someone who is a laugh to concept with, loves big ideas and wants to do really fucking awesome work.

Get in touch if this sounds like you and we'll go drink beer and talk ideas.


Every year Grey Goose vodka hosts a winter fundraiser for the Elton John AIDS Foundation where top celebrities unite against the stigma of HIV and AIDS. Our challenge was to amplify awareness of the event through social media to help remove the stigma surrounding HIV and AIDS.

Our solution harnessed the influence of Elton John’s 400 celebrity guests, by asking them to declare themselves HIV Positive on Twitter. We found out that if only 7 of them did it, our positive message would reach 20 million followers.

Meet Will Jackson...


Hi I’m Will.
I’m a junior creative now looking to team up with a partner – probably someone with more of a focus on copywriting but I’m open so long as we get along and bounce ideas off each other well.
I graduated from a Graphic Arts& Design course in Leeds in 2012. Following that I spent time travelling, teaching myself to code and fun stuff like that. I was recently on creative placement at Lowe Profero in London, which was great. I’m keeping in touch with them and they said they may be able to help with future placements. I have a couple more organised/semi organised myself but in interviews it seems there is a greater desire for teams than singletons – hence why I’m here!
I’ve always collaborated well, including a short TV ident featuring taxidermied mice that was awarded and was broadcast for two years! Please do have a look through my website (I built it myself – geek!) and if you’re interested maybe we can meet up sometime.
Oh I’m currently based south of London.
Thanks for looking!


MOBILE: 07554423121

Meet Joyce Kremer...




I'm an Art-Director from Holland, who loves strategic thinking and cycling.

I left the Falmouth creative advertising course in 2013 and gained experience at Fabula, LOWE and JWT.

I'd like to meet a skilful copywriter who has big ambitions, is up for a laugh and does a better job at writing than my poor attempt here.

Please have a look at my book. And maybe catch a beer?


Meet Chris Russell...



Having spent some time on my ownsome I'm a bit of a hybrid between art and copy.

I'm looking for a quick minded, ambitious partner, preferably a copywriter. Someone with whom to craft simple ideas and tell great stories. Someone who's readily available to build an awesome book based on truths and who can get excited over a little thought. Said someone also has to put up with obscure Disney quotes... 

I studied Creative Advertising, freelanced at a little start up tech/ad/events agency (working on Desperados, Virgin Media and Samsung) for 6months in London before moving on to find a more creative led agency.

Take a little look through my portfolio. If you like the ideas, drop me an email with your website and let's meet up!