Tuesday, 28 October 2014

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Meet Ash Hamilton...


Hello, I'm Ash.

Copywriter / Art Director mish mash. 

Watford class of 2013/14. 

So far, I've spent time at Creature and Lucky Generals.

Being on single creatives, I'm looking for a partner in crime.

I'm a words man, but I can think visually and love working on that side of things; art direction that adds to the idea, rather than just make it 'look good'. Both mean a lot to me.

So ideally, I'm looking for an Art Director that can write a bit - it's way more fun pushing both sides of the craft together - but full-on art directors and writers are more than welcome; it all overlaps anyway, and proper thoughts and ideas are what's most important. 

I'm looking for someone that's up for a good laugh, but is ambitious and not afraid of hard graft.

Someone that's honest, and can help push ideas further than I could alone.  

The ol' 1 + 1 = 3 situation. 

If you're interested, gimme a shout and we'll go for a coffee or a pint.

Much love.

Sunday, 26 October 2014

Meet Will Bower...


Hello Singles.
My name is Will Bower, ‘Google’ me!
…did you do it?
Well I’m in the media at the moment for my campaign at www.RecruitWill.com. I was in a load of papers and very nearly made it on to the BBC’s The One Show but was cruelly cancelled on the day whilst eating my Weetabix, wearing my suit and mentally preparing myself.
Anyway, I am currently doing a month’s trial at VCCP London as an account executive but my heart truly lies in the creative department next door. I have no real professional work to offer you but have a portfolio of creations I’ve made for my project Royalty Three. I’ve made a load of YouTube videos, produced more for companies and even got to meet the Speaker of The House of Commons, John Bercow, on Wednesday for my work ‘engaging the youth’ with my videos (nothing to do with RecruitWill). I come up with concepts, write the script and direct everything but my creativity is in no way limited to just videos.
I’m basically looking for someone to take on the world with. I have a load of ideas and really want to channel my drive into a career in creative advertising. I’m looking for an arty companion who I can learn and start building the blocks of my career with.
Shoot me an email

EMAIL: contact@recruitwill.com

Meet Eric Boscia...


I am a Senior Art Director / ACD with about 20 years experience working in NYC, Seattle and Boston. I am American now living and working in London. My last FT job was at JWT in NY working on various Johnson & Johnson accounts. Since leaving in 2012, I have been freelancing for agencies and clients in NYC while pursuing my MA in Photography here in London, now complete.

PORTFOLIO:  www.ericboscia.com
MOBILE: 07446 841 470

Meet Michael McDonough...


I’m an award-winning senior creative looking for a partner to do awesome work with.
Classically trained, digitally remastered. I’m passionate about solving business problems with big ideas, no matter what media they fall into. I’m obsessed with simplicity. And Marmite.

In nearly 10 years in the industry, I’ve worked at both traditional and digital agencies, including Saatchi & Saatchi, Publicis, Fuel, Havas, Isobar and Dare; and helped innovate brands like Volvo, Sony, Google and Kellogg’s.

If you like my work or simply wanna chat about advertising over a flat-white, get in touch

Meet Thomas Jordan...


Hello all,

My name is Thomas Jordan, a graduate from the School Of Communication Arts 2.0, and an Art Director looking for a bodacious copywriter.

I have most recently returned from Leo Burnett Italy where I worked as a single creative for 3 months. Other agencies include TMW, Forever Beta, Media Therapy and MEC Global.

My partner has gone back to Norway due to no longer having sufficient funds to live in London. So here I am.

If you enjoy what you see and want to make some beautifully crafted and impactful work, do get in touch.

Meet Greg Talbot...

Hi there,
My name is Greg (or Gregory if you’re my mother) and I’m a British, French and Swiss mid-weight creative based in London. For the past 10 months I've been freelancing at Iris Worldwide and Leo Burnett group. 
But before moving to the UK, I was employed two and a half years at an independent agency in Switzerland working on everything from integrated campaigns to social media strategies. And earlier in my career I gained experience at Cossette in Vancouver, BETC in Paris and at Y&R in Geneva. 
I’ve also won a bit of silverware along the way such as an Applied Arts award, a Digital Marketing Awards bronze, a Young Glory silver, and I also represented Switzerland two years in a row at the Eurobest Young Creatives competition. 
When I’m not working, I enjoy going to gigs and art galleries, watching movies, searching the web for weird videos, having a beer with friends, playing sports (tennis, badminton, indoor hockey, snowboarding), and being plain silly.
So, if you’re looking for a partner with a sense of humour and a will to produce groundbreaking work, give me a shout.

PORTFOLIO: www.greg-talbot.com 
EMAIL: talbot_greg@yahoo.fr 
MOBILE: +44 (0)74 7465 6752