Monday, 20 July 2015

Meet Tam Fatimah...



I'm a Copywriter at Grey. I have been here for 4 years but looking for my next adventure. 
WLTM an Art Director extraordinaire, if that's you then get in touch. 



Meet Jay Symson...


I could say all the usual stuff like; I’m a storyteller, I believe in craft, I persuade to disrupt.
In truth; I’ve had a taste of campaign work and I want more, there are awards out there!
I’ve focused on broadcast and video and now want to break out – I have over 5 years experience as a freelance art director and I’m ideally looking for a wordsmith.
If you like my work let’s meet for a drink.

I'm really looking to team up with a middle weight creative looking to make the leap to senior level. I have above the line advertising, broadcast and brand identity work and see agencies from BBH to smaller creative shops looking to strengthen their offering in digital.

My aim is to combine my book with a partner's – work on pitches together and approach agencies before the end of the year – which always sounds simpler on paper!

Below are some recent publicity links:

– My artwork has just been selected for MTV! -

– We won the pitch for Google and Levi's collaboration – 
– Our creative team created Google Zeitgeist – the most watched ad online 2013 –

– I wrote, produced and created award winning content – Soho Rushes Shorts, Film Festival @ Curzon Soho –

Friday, 17 July 2015

Meet Sumegha Ginodia...


Hey! I'm Sumegha Ginodia a recent graduate with a first class BA (Hons)  degree in Graphic Design from University for the Creative Arts, Epsom. I  am looking for a witty Copywriter partner to attack London with.

I've previously interned for an advertising agency and done some 
freelance work as well. If you think we can get along give me a shout !


My work has always been idea driven and can be found on my website.

Meet Mark Bentley...


***** - The New York Times
***** - Financial Times
*****- The Guardian
“Awesome” – Washington Post
“Magnificient” – Daily Telegraph
“Breathtaking” – GQ
“A gamechanger” - Timeout
“This is the second coming” – Campaign
“He is the messiah” – Le Monde
“Nothing will be the same again” - Mum and Dad

I’m a copywriter looking for a partner.  I don’t mind if it’s an Art Director or a Copywriter.
I’m 29 and I’m looking to do more placements in London.
Have a look at my website and find out more about me.

Get in touch and we’ll make it happen

Meet Anna Borup...


I am English but moved to France to study. I just finished my Masters in Visual Communication and Advertising in Bordeaux. I have been freelancing here in Bordeaux but I am moving back to London (on Tuesday) to move on to bigger and better things. I am looking for a creative partner who, ideally, will help me conquer the world, but I will settle for someone who is crazy about new ideas and creating amazing stuff, either freelancing or a more permanent position. If you think you are the one please do send me an email, I will be more than happy to grab a drink and have a chat!  

I'm open to freelance or perm. Just after a really great fit.

Meet Zish Alexander...


Zish Alexander is a British Male of the Creative variety.

Once described as an 'Open Minded, Courageous Street Sponge' by Brixton zookeeper Marc Lewis, The species noted and praised by Watford zoologist, Tony Cullingham for 'work rate and attitude' it was in the wild bush of School of Communication Arts 2.0, where Zish fell in love with ideas.

At ease with Art and Copy, a wild Zish will often show a preference for Art Direction. Quite like the squirrel, many of the Alexander species will spend their time digging for ideas, before categorisation and storage. Then dinner.

This particular male is single and looking for an ambitious partner. Someone who shares his disgust for mediocrity and his love of all things shiny. He is known to respond to high levels of taste, work ethic and conviviality. While displaying acute and violent repulsion to non-satirical cheese and cliches.

Placement Experience:

Grey LDN: August '14 - October '14
BMB: July - August '14
VCCP: April - June '14
BBH London: Jan - March '14
101 London: Nov '13
Jack Morton Worldwide: Sep - Oct ‘13


MOBILE: +44 7849100035

Meet Virginia Massone...


Hello Ladies and Gentlemen,

My name is Virginia, I am an Italian Junior Art Director coming from MA Creative Advertising at Falmouth University. As a lonely heart who just overcome a partnership breakup, I would like to find The Copywriter to rock the world in some good agency for an internship or, even better, for a job.

Let me briefly talk about myself, and see if you can spot any shared interest :) I’ve been keen to go into advertising because it seems to reflect my personality: creative but focused. My creative side includes drawing, dancing (from ballet to almost any kind of music) and sometimes singing. 
Whereas, my concrete side is about time managing skills and the sacrifice of my hobbies when deadlines come closer.

Moreover, I have a thing for kitties and probably would love using them for an ad campaign! Joking aside, I have an eclectic taste in advertising, and probably for this I have found it hard to define my top 5 ad agencies list. Nevertheless, I generally prefer traditional than digital media, but that doesn’t mean I am not open to any opportunity to grow professionally and personally.

If you think my work is good and you could be The One for me :D contact me and show your work, and let’s see if it can become true love! We can get in touch and meet in the flesh once I move to London, from the beginning of July. One last thing: London would be a great starting point, although I can consider other cities in the UK and elsewhere (eg. Amsterdam, anyone? :D).