Thursday, 23 October 2014

Single Mingle...


*Naturally we wont be condoning any form of public nudity, but just imagine what the world would be like if... we digress, it's at Naked Communications in Farringdon. 

More LOLZ & ticket info: 
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Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Meet Fabiana Xavier...


I’m an award-winning senior creative looking for a partner to do awesome work with.
Classically trained, digitally remastered. I’m passionate about solving business problems with big ideas, no matter what media they fall into. I’m obsessed with simplicity. And Marmite.
In nearly 10 years in the industry, I’ve worked at both traditional and digital agencies, including Saatchi & Saatchi, Publicis, Fuel, Havas, Isobar and Dare; and helped innovate brands like Volvo, Sony, Google and Kellogg’s.

If you like my work or simply wanna chat about advertising over a flat-white, get in touch

Meet Jack Brenton...


Hi, I'm Jack 

I'm a junior creative looking to team up with someone and work on some fun projects. I am based on the south coast. 

I am currently working as a designer at a fireworks company, designing shows, meeting clients and working on proposals.One of the projects I recently worked on was a successful pitch for closing ceremony at the Glasgow Commonwealth Games, I helped generate ideas and artwork for the show proposal. I was then fortunate enough to work at the closing ceremony, I was positioned in the control box to over see the firing of the roof display. It was a great experience!

I want to work as an art director, but I am more than happy to try anything. 
I am willing to look for placements/work experience.
Looking forward to hearing from anyone... 


MOBILE: 07731313687

Meet Sandrine Gautheret...

Hello, my name is Sandrine, I am a junior art director originally from South of France but now living in London. I have a very diverse background. I gathered my enthusiasm and love for adventures and I am now looking for a copywriter to join me to work and look for creative placement. I believe in creating inspiring stories to enrich people's lives.
If you are interested and want to meet or have a chat, get in touch by e-mail or send me an owl.

Meet Jase Kuusisto...



I would call myself a placement art director, and I'm in need of your help to find myself a copywriter partner! I have attached 3 examples of my work.

Here's the info about me for the website; 

Jase, 24, not excellent with words (very good at rambling), looking for a copywriter partner (or creative who's great with words).

Graduated in 2012 (studied advertising) without a partner, got lost in time and now trying to find my way back to advertising life.

I would call myself hard working (quite a few other people would call me that too), and extremely motivated to get a job in an ad agency. I enjoy trying to come up with creative ideas how to solve small and big problems in different aspects of life, I also enjoy Tim Burton's films a lot. 

Interested? Send me an email.

I am currently trying to do new work, but here are couple examples of what I have done in the past.


PORTFOLIO: "Currently working on it."

Meet Joe Kaloczi...


Hi I’m Joe!
I’ll try to make this not sound like a lonely heart entry…
I’m a London based Art director that has just graduated with a 1st in Advertising and Brand management. I had to break up with my old partner at Uni as she doesn’t like London!? …. I know.
I’ve had experience in New York and in main land Europe and also completed a number of internships at Collective London, Aqueduct and Perfect Storm.
I’m looking for a Copywriter who is driven and wants to succeed but more importantly is someone who loves advertising and creating ideas. Moreover I’m looking for someone who can really bounce ideas with me to develop creative work.
For me it’s the buzz of getting an insight and then running with it and creating an amazing campaign! My work is insightful and playful as I really do enjoy working in advertising.
If you share my passion then get in touch and we can go for a coffee.
Please feel free to click though my portfolio.


Meet Mad Frog...


Hi there. My name is Rui Antunes. I’m 23 and I live in Lisbon.
I like to think that I am a storyteller; at least that is what I try to do everyday I get in Ogilvy Portugal. Although I love it there, it’s been almost 3 years and I think I am ready for a new experience, and London is where I want to have it. As I am alone, I’m looking for an Art Director to team up with.
I’m looking for someone not only creative but also good in the details, someone that is really an Art director and not only a designer (No offense here). I will be in London in December for a short trip, so there will be a chance for a cup of coffee, (I was told that they have Starbucks there... uhhu uhhh).
I will be travelling with my partner Kermit the frog, you can meet him here:
He is very civilized, well most of the times. (When we were in Cannes he only bit one person)
In my spare time I also love to write children stories and some day I will publish a book of my on, but for now I’m still looking for a good illustrator to bring my characters to live.
There are a few projects that I don’t have online because they aren’t published yet, But I can show you them, in that promised coffee at Starbucks.