Thursday, 2 April 2015

Meet Charlie Milton...


Hi, I’m Charlie from South East London. Fresh out of uni last year, just returned from backpacking and am looking to get into copywriting. My Photoshop is “meh” at best, I don’t have any top class photo image software to produce the visual quality needed for an awesome portfolio but I do have the top class ideas and words to give to an Art Director!

Check out my portfolio, if you think we can work together, HOLLA! 


MOBILE: 07919024030

Meet Samuel Adio...


Hey, my name is Sam, Im 23, and I'm an art director looking for a copywriter to help me turn the Ad world Upside down! 

After graduating from University of Brighton, I've mainly freelanced doing graphic design & web design projects.

I'm  fun, friendly and focused, have l tons of ambition and without sounding cocky I'm good at what i do...But at the same time I'm able to admit when an idea i have doesn't work 

I appreciate all forms of art, which makes me versatile and able to find inspiration in odd places.

looking for a copywriter who is good with words but creative in their own right,
and who is based in London or Essex (I'm in Essex 40mins from London)

I haven't had any ad agency experience yet, but i know how this process works, so I'm hoping to find someone who is just as eager to get their foot in the door as I am.

But if you have had experience and want to work with me, that's cool.

Its going be a hard road ahead and i wont lie...I'm kind of excited. 

Meet Khushbu Patel...


I'm Khushi, a Junior Art director / Creative in the UK.
I'm constantly coming up with ideas and it would be great to have a creative partner I can bounce them off, and make some new and exciting work with.
I have had work experience/internships at various creative companies, Leo Burnett, McCann & Big Communications over the past year etc.
I've worked on a range of creative briefs and with range of clients; I'm obsessed with innovation and cheeky ideas as you will see in my portfolio & instagram.
I'm primarily looking for a copywriter, with a cheeky view on things, capable of bringing to life our clever and insightful strategies.
So, get in contact if you like what you see! 


MOBILE: 07708221325
INSTAGRAM: @khushidesigns

Meet Imogen Forte...



I'm Imogen Forte. I'm a junior creative at Fold7 and I'm looking for a partner to come on board with me. 
As a single creative I’ve contributed towards art direction and copywriting and would ideally like to find somebody who can do the same. 
In the past year I've done live work for Reebok, Ann Summers, Gumtree and USA Pro. I've also been lucky enough to work on brands including Carlsberg, GoCompare, Selfridges, Disney and Samsung. 
Message me if you think you might be suitable...



Meet Rachel Leigh...


Hello similarly driven people out there. 

I'm a Midweight/senior copywriter with over 7 years in the industry, working through the line at big regional agencies and freelancing at the likes of Mcanns and JWT. Working on a bunch of big names, across all sectors. And,because my AD is doing something new, I'm looking for a MW/Senior Art Director who's fond of silverware to play ping-pong with.

Well, that's how I come up with ideas. I throw one out, the talented AD says, nah that's rubbish, but we could do... Or yep, great. But even better doing this. Or even, ever so occasionally, 'Rach, you've nailed it'. But for me, it's all about the collaboration, the right sense of humour, the person that you can spout shite and randomness to and feel comfortable enough till you get there. A person that loves what they do and can't quite believe their luck at landing the job they've got. And, a person who knows, (and of course you do, or why else are you here?) that if you're not in a team, you miss out on all the good stuff going on. And, quite honestly can't sit down and watch that happen.

Only snag is for you London bods, I'm a Northern girl at heart. So if any of you out there want to come back into the regions, and it's not all 'London baby', let me know. I've got quite a few good options for permanent work, but can't take real advantage of them until I'm in a team. Or if you want to freelance, I'm up for that as well, even if London, if it's the right opportunity.


Meet Harriet Ronn...


Hey, I’m Harriet.
I can spell really.
But I am an art director. Looking for a copywriter. To conquer the world with. Sort of.
I graduated from Bucks Ad School in June, and have done placements at AIS London, BBH, DLKW Lowe and Mcgarrybowen. I’m a CREAM winner and D&AD Student Pencil nominee (twice). But I don’t really believe in blowing my own trumpet.
I’m based in London, but would be open minded about going further a field. Also although a lot of my work below is print, I'm excited by pretty much any media. Whatever fits best with the idea, that's what's important.
I’m looking for someone who is ambitious and enthusiastic, is neither a Yes Man or a No Man, and can cope with the odd chewed pen lid.
If you like my work, hit me up and we’ll go for a pint!

Meet Christabel Spong...


Hi guys,

Here's a little bit about me:

I'm a mid-weight art director fresh from the shores of New Zealand. I bring with me over four years of agency experience, two of those working at Colenso BBDO, where I built a portfolio of work I am really proud of. For the past 6 months I have been working as a freelancer for BCG2, The Brand Agency and Colenso BBDO in Auckland, NZ.

As a new arrival to London, I'm keen to partner with a copywriter with similar experience and will be looking for freelance or perm roles. So, if you like what you see, please get in touch.