Monday, 22 December 2014

Meet Max Burgoyne...


Hello. I'm a senior art director looking to partner up with a writer with similar experience. Please check out my portfolio if you fit the bill - I'll let my work do the talking. If you like what you see get in touch.

Thanks. Max

Meet Cass Jamcotchian...



Hi I'm Cass

I've just moved to London, I'm a mid-weight Art Director from Sydney with experience in through the line advertising. I have experience in working on a vast range of brands. From luxury goods and champagne, to home loans, things on your dinner plate, feminine hygiene, pest control, motorways and a whole bunch of other stuff people buy :)

I'm looking for a creative, motivated and big thinking partner who is ready to start knocking on some doors.


MOBILE: 07477 470 256

Meet Martino Spavento...


Hello Singles!

My name is Martino Spavento, I am an Italian, now based in London middleweight Art Director seeking for THE Copy.

6 years’ Italian advertising agencies experience in: Trotter, AVOX and Klein Russo, where i worked with many big clients like: Telecom Italia, Liu-Jo, Banca Intesa San Paolo, La 7 TV Broadcast, UPTER, I Med, Bartolini, CuboMusica by Telecom, Autoimport, Herbalia etc... 

I'm looking for a CW who can break rules but also knows when it's possible to do it. A person who can have big value ideas also when the briefs are very strict.
I love big ideas and I try to never start with "imagining a campaign", I look for a "world" that can have a lot of connection with other Ideas. 

I can give to the Team not only conceiving skills, I've involved myself in every tipe of production: music, films, writing and everything concern graphics arts.    

Look at my portfolio and If someone is interested in building a team with me, we can take a cup or some beers and then hopefully some awards!

Meet Chulley Evans...



Hello, I'm Chulley, a Junior Art Director. a lot of people seem to get my name confused with trolley, shorley and I went a year with a colleague calling me chubby the whole time, I just thought he was being mean. So just think Chilli, but with a U, and you're sorted.
I'm originally from Wales then moved to Falmouth to study Graphic Design.
I moved to London last July straight after Uni and did a few placements at a few Graphic Design agencies, but it wasn't completely inspiring me, so I did a placement at Advertising Agency Arnold klp and was offered a job as Art Director.
The year I spent there I worked with clients such as Volvo, Douwe Egberts & Jack Daniel's mostly. Most recently I created the 2014 Holiday toolkit for Jack Daniel's which unfortunately isn't live yet so isn't on my website, but would love to show you over a pint if you were interested.
I also dabble a little in Copywriting, Illustration and Photography.
I'm quite a good all rounder and love to get my hands dirty, and have quite a strong passion for good old traditional craft, but above all I am an ideas person and stay true to the philosophy(?) of "you can't polish a turd".
I'm essentially looking for a Copywriter to team up with and do great work with, someone who can have a laugh and who's completely honest. So if you would like to team up drop me an email, or better yet a good old fashioned phonecall :)
Much love

MOBILE: 07787530105

Meet Biff Art...




My name is Biff and i'm 23 year old junior- midweight illustrator/ designer, working and living in London.

I have lived in London for 3 months now, interning for various studios- Puck Studio, Print Club London, Moross Studio & London on the Inside. These internships I have taught me an awful lot and have given me some amazing contacts. During these internships I've noticed flaws in all of them and I want to take their flaws and turn them into strengths. 

I am looking for a partner who is hugely creatively and gets stuck in 24/7. I want form a studio which focuses on originality, bright ideas and pure fun. From branding to sign painting, animation to exhibitions/ events. All it takes is the combination of amazing, complimentary ideas, styles, practices and it's a creative goldmine. Others have done it and gotten far... Let's do better.


MOBILE: 07842246289
INSTAGRAM:  biffcreative 

Meet Jordan Baxter...


Fresh out of university I am eager to partner up with a hard working creative that is looking to approach agencies for internships and placements. 

Focused on achieving a career in advertising, I am looking for a dedicated doer, that is willing to push there selves to get there and have a laugh on the way.  

Talking to people in the advertising industry, I don't believe that having a partnership where one person is an art director and the other a copy writer is set in stone.

Point being, I love copy and have a background in design.

Hope to hear from you


MOBILE: 07889822452

Sunday, 23 November 2014

Meet Medi Gwosdz...


Hi there, 
My name is Medi and I am a mid-weight copywriter with both ATL and digital experience. 

I've worked for big and small agencies and for clients directly. Over the years I've had the chance to experiment in everything from print and TV to social and apps (I even won an award for a packaging design idea) - and for my last portfolio I crafted my own hardcover book, "101 Nights of Ideas".
I am looking for a partner who is highly creative, keen to work across all channels, but most of all is nice and can stand looking at my face everyday. If you want to know more - don't be shy, get in touch!






MOBILE: +447580524878