Sunday, 23 November 2014

Meet Medi Gwosdz...


Hi there, 
My name is Medi and I am a mid-weight copywriter with both ATL and digital experience. 

I've worked for big and small agencies and for clients directly. Over the years I've had the chance to experiment in everything from print and TV to social and apps (I even won an award for a packaging design idea) - and for my last portfolio I crafted my own hardcover book, "101 Nights of Ideas".
I am looking for a partner who is highly creative, keen to work across all channels, but most of all is nice and can stand looking at my face everyday. If you want to know more - don't be shy, get in touch!






MOBILE: +447580524878

Saturday, 22 November 2014

Meet Pietro Basso Silva...


Hi, I'm Pietro.
I'm a Brazilian art director with an EU passport, currently living in Prague, willing to work anywhere in the world. I graduated from Miami Ad School (USA) about three years ago and since then I have worked at DDB Budapest, Leagas Delaney Prague and now Fallon Prague. I've worked for international brands and campaigns and currently I do art direction for a series of projects for the car brand SKODA.

I'm very ambitious and my intentions are to gather awards with daring and creative work, so I'm looking for someone who is in the same page to also find an agency with the same ambitions. I pride myself on being totally committed and passionate about what I do without turning into the typical advertising zombi with no heart. Respect to others is as important for me as anything else.
I'm a big movie fan, love music and art in general. Always down to go out or talk Breaking Bad. I'm pretty easy going on a day to day basis and dedicated to the work. Feel free to go through my portfolio and if you are interested in talking (work or Breaking Bad) just send me an e-mail and we can skype together.

Meet Jonathan Ellman...


Hi, I’m Jonathan.
I was directed to this site by Grey London Talent Team with the suggestion that I find creative partners for putting together an application.
I’m a good all-rounder: writer, producer, director and editor (even a bit of acting too).  My strength is definitely in writing and I have written a number of scripts for film and stage, as well as academic and journalistic pieces.  I have a creative command of narrative having studied theatre at postgraduate level, and I am keen to work with art directors and visual artists who can add aesthetic quality and bring great visual style to my writing.

I have produced several short films and stage plays. Communicating with artists, recognising others’ talents and getting the best out of those around me is something I find very fulfilling.
My animated short ‘Watching Big Brother’ is probably my most visually appealing film, thanks to the excellent team of animators I worked with.
Watching Big Brother also shows my more serious side as opposed to the surreal ‘Pipe’, the flippant advertisement parody of  ‘Le Jambon Bonbon’ and the romantic comedy short ‘Walking Talking Kissing’, which shows my capacity to write dialogue. I also edited a music video for Kraftwork’s ‘Pocket Calculator’ and would be interested in doing more as part of a team.
I have a number of scripts and projects I would like to realize with a team of other artists and I would love to write, produce, direct or even edit projects that you may have in development.  So if you’re an art director, animator, or a creative in any field who would like to form a team and apply for work with Grey London and other companies then get in touch with me and let’s do it. 

MOBILE: 07913439090

Meet Seeun Kim...


Originally from Vancouver, Canada, I am an art director and I have been working at Cheil in Korea for the last 3.5 years. 
At Cheil, I mainly worked on 360 global integrated campaigns on major clients including Samsung Electronics, Absoult, Asics, Korea Telecom, Amore Pacific and etc. In charge of Samsung Group brand campaigns, I have worked on global launches of Galaxy S3 & S4, Galaxy Tab, Samsung TV & monitors, Galaxy Camera and Home Appliances for global markets. 
I moved to London about a month ago without a partner, so I need a writer who can share creative & exciting ideas and produce something amazing together. Please take a look around my website and email me if you are still a hungry and restless Creative. 
Alpha from s on Vimeo.



Meet Melissa Charland...


Hey all,
My name is Melissa, Junior-Mid Art Director for 2 1/2 years from Montreal and in London since the beginning of November. 

With more than 4 years of experience in Montreal-based advertising agencies (Cossette, Brad, CART1ER, TBWA, BBDO…) I have gained a solid experience on print, electronic and interactive projects for local as well than international clients (Clud Med, Lego, Harley-Davidson, Pepsi, Aeroplan). Big or small project, I always put the same energy and rigor (thats to be passionate I guess so).
Sneak peek on me? I’m here to push my career to a higher level. I’m looking forward a Midweight copywriter who is not afraid of big ideas. 

PORTFOLIO: (English translations of projects are on website)
MOBILE: +44 7478 944868

Meet Martino Spavento...


Hello Singles!
My name is Martino Spavento, I am an Italian, now based in London middleweight Art Director seeking for THE Copy.
6 years’ Italian advertising agencies experience in: Trotter, AVOX and Klein Russo, where i worked with many big clients like: Telecom Italia, Liu-Jo, Banca Intesa San Paolo, La 7 TV Broadcast, UPTER, I Med, Bartolini, CuboMusica by Telecom, Autoimport, Herbalia etc... 
I'm looking for a CW who can break rules but also knows when it's possible to do it. A person who can have big value ideas also when the briefs are very strict.
I love big ideas and I try to never start with "imagining a campaign", I look for a "world" that can have a lot of connection with other Ideas. 
I can give to the Team not only conceiving skills, I've involved myself in every tipe of production: music, films, writing and everything concern graphics arts.    
Look at my portfolio and If someone is interested in building a team with me, we can take a cup or some beers and then hopefully some awards!

Meet Sheya Shah...


Creative and logical aspiring Art Director based in London. I have a bit of a mixed background. I started off with an Art foundation from Central St Martins and then studied Marketing. When I graduated I worked in Marketing for about 3 years in various roles. As I got to take part in amazing campaigns, and work with talented creative people I wanted to pursue my passion for creativity.  

I recently finished an Art Diploma as I wanted gain more of a creative skill set, and to open up my mind in avenues I could lead in to. I found out, I am more of an ideas/concept person. To be honest I have been interested in advertising for a long time. 

I want to find a copywriter who is ambitious, passionate about advertising and eager to produce great pieces of meaningful work. I can draw, use digital software, make videos, and take photography. I do not have an advertising portfolio as of yet but to check out what I have produced in the past visit the site below. 

MOBILE: 07850628941