Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Meet Dario D'amo...


Are you a creative Copywriter looking for a new challenge with an international
creative agency? 

Are you looking for lifelong commitment (Creative team)? 

I'm a middleweight creative art director with 7 years experience in Adland. 
I'm from Italy, now living in London and looking for a partner to do the doodles
while he/she scribble the words.

I have ranged from design to direction, from digital to classic advertising,
developing engaging ideas through multiple channels on or offline. Talkative and
socialble, with a good sense of humor (TBH I believe it is a secret to be a

If you like to keep in touch with me or just drink a beer or tea write me a

Meet Matthew Dunn...


Warmest greetings to you all!

Looking for a Junior Copywriter who has some experience under their belt and is able to do a mean dinosaur impression. 

I'm a junior art director (& most handsome man in Birmingham - mum) I have a year and half experience in the industry. Previously I worked at Heyhuman for year then moved on to do try my hand at freelance which I have been doing since.

Get in touch if you like to laugh and work and we'll take it from there. 

MOBILE: +44 (0)7890408955 

Meet Ali Gill...


Hi, I’m Ali – I’m looking for a creative partner in crime. I’m a bit of an all-round creative (I studied English, then did a foundation course in Graphic Design), but I’m ideally looking for an art director.
I’ve been round agencies trying to get hired as a solo creative, so have built up some good contacts, but have pretty much been told to come back with a partner.
I like ‘traditional’ advertising that doesn’t look or feel like advertising (Paul Belford’s art direction, Walter Campbell and Jonathan Glazer’s TV ads), ads that are brutally honest (Marmite, Hans Brinker etc.) and everything done by 4Creative in the last 3 years.
I’d want to put some new work together and then get placements fairly quickly, so I’m looking for someone who loves hard work, but is capable of having a laugh whilst doing so.
If this sounds like your sort of thing then please drop me an email, then we can grab a coffee/pint and discuss teaming up.

Meet Charles Anderson...


Hello fellow singles, 

Currently, I'm working at ArnoldKLP as a Junior Art Director(creative). My previous partner has recently flown to the other side of the world to get married and start a new life. This has opened up a spare seat next to me for a fun, talented and enthusiastic creative. 

Previously, I worked for JWT (creative) and Brash Brands (as a designer) and interned at Pentagram. Before then I studied Graphic Design at Kingston University

If you like what you see send me message and we'll go for a beer or a coffee.
More work can be found on my site, enjoy.

Charles Anderson


Meet Liam Bruce...


Hey everyone, or ahreet in my native tongue,
Art director fresh out of graduation from Sunderland Uni, however let me stress I'm not a Mackem! Born and bred Geordie with an Ant & Dec level accent.
I'm currently based in Leeds but for the last six months I have been working in Manchester, I've had placement at TBWA and worked freelance at Cheetham Bell JWT. I've also had placement in a few of the top ad agencies in Newcastle and Leeds.
I'm looking for a copywriter to join me in Manchester to get our foot in the door of adland and smash out some brilliant work, win awards and make crazy ideas happen.

Meet Natalie Lennartsson...


Hello, it's me (Nat)...I was wondering if after none of these years you'd like to meet? To go over, everything?

I'm an AD currently working at M&C Saatchi, going on 3 years soon. I graduated from Lincoln 2010 and have been to quite a few places in between that and my current habitat. 

I've just split up with my partner and looking at potentially partnering up with a Copywriter. I've worked on various clients and media, however I am slightly obsessed with film and it would be amazing if whoever is out there is too. Err what else...I do a lot of side projects, on the side... most include moving images but I like to mix it up.

MOBILE: +44 (0)7808193204

Meet Campos...


My name is Alejandro (Campos)
I am an AD who recently finished his program at Miami Ad School San Francisco. 
I am original from Spain.

My creative partner was American. I got back to Europe. 

I got experience doing some internships at McCANN London, McCANN Madrid and PIC New York.
I am looking for any creative (AD or Copy) willing to put efforts in having fun and coming up with ideas to execute. 

I would preferably work in the UK.
But I am open to put a book together and see what is out there. 

About me: I am also a musician-songwriter,  I enjoy live doing simple things such us go to the mountain to walk, typography, photography, art in general, Sci-fi movies, coffee, friends and family. 

 Penguin Books Introduce Replay from Alejandro on Vimeo.

 Lights Out! by Npower from Alejandro on Vimeo.

Meet Phil McDonald...


Hey, I'm Phil

I’ve have moved to London from Melbourne in search of bigger, brighter and bolder challenges. 
I thrive on big, boundary and rule breaking ideas and being able to draw 
upon my inner smartass. Now I am looking for a creative partner to help me find those adventures.
I have completed AWARD School, in Melbourne, and am now looking to bring that experience to life. I have also worked as a Senior Designer, primarily in the retail side, where I’ve dabbled in everything from concepts to finished art.
I'm looking for a partner with the same creative drive as me, primarily a copywriter, but if the fit is there i am happy to work with other Art directors, or somebody who dabbles in both.
Check out my work and if it sounds like we could work together hit me up for a chat. 


Meet Benedict Wintour...


My name is Ben Wintour and I am a Copywriter, looking for an Art Director partner to link up with and find a permanent, Junior-Mid level role.
I understand that not everyone is a one trick pony so I am open to team up with someone who likes writing as well as Art Direction. 
Last year I was facing up to Kung-fu masters and writing about it with Time Out Shanghai. 
I was then lucky enough to form 50% of BBDO Shanghai's Content Planning team, producing General Electric's content in China and South Korea. 
Since returning to the UK I have gained a placement at AMV/BBDO, working on accounts for Sainsbury's, Braun, SCA and The Department for Transport.
I have just finished a nine month stint at Joint London, developing creative ideas for Amazon, TSB, Thatchers, Vue, UKTV and Badger Ale.
Take a look at my folio and give me a shout if you fancy a stout. 

MOBILE: +44 (0)7834483604

Meet Asa Bradshaw...


Hi, I'm an art director / all round creative, looking for someone similar to team up with to take on the wonderful world of advertising. 
I have had successful placements at Collective London, TBWA London and Bluehive London.
I am searching for my partner in crime and somebody who has big ideas. If you like my work and want to meet up, please email, so we can devise a plan to take over the world. 


Meet Oleg Izosimov...


Hello! My name is Oleg Izosimov, I am an art-director from Moscow and I want to work in London in some good advertising agency. Because of it I need a copywriter to combine our forces to find good place to work and make a awesome projects.

My passion is creativity. A place to work with a perspective to win maximum awards as much as we can is my major dream for me. Because i'm Moscow this is kind a hard task because common level of creativity in agencies is low.

I can speak English and Portuguese, know PS, Illustrator, Wacom.
If you want to find a place to work together with me or you already work and searching of w pair- please let me know.

Hello from Moscow! Have a great day!

I have 5 years of experience:
2010 Lowe Moscow. Junior art-director
2012 Saatchi Moscow. Art-director
2013 BBDO Moscow. Art-director
2011-2015 Preeroda creative agenc
y(Moscow). Founder, CD.

 Save April First! from Oleg Izosimov on Vimeo.

 The Greenprinter from Oleg Izosimov on Vimeo.

Meet Adil Raza...


Hi guys, I'm a copywriter who's just graduated from the London College of Communication in Advertising and I'm looking for an art director to team up who is also based in London. 

My strength lies in writing humour but I can just as well write seriously if the brief requires. I love to be challenged and would love to do more than just write copy for print ads, my ideal job would be script writing so if theres anyone that would like to shoot adverts to which I can provide creative input or write a script for I'd find that ideal. 

The work I've done so far has been for Ting, Ben and Jerrys, Monotype, Propercorn and Tesla. 

 Propercorn: The cinema experience done properly. from Adil Raza on Vimeo.