Friday, 26 June 2015

Meet Annabella Forbes...


Creative consultant, specialising in innovative problem-solving solutions, helping brands, businesses, charities & individuals. Mad about IDEAS.

Would like to partner with a very visual creative designer as think this would work well with what I have to offer.

Why partner with me?
Resourceful strategic thinker.
Conceptualisation rather than implementation.
Ideas on how to bring a product/service to life.
Develop content ideas.
Freelance scripting.

Product ideas, Brand names, Marketing strategies, Scripting & Directing.


My portfolio is not hugely image-based so here is a bit more detail about how I work:

2008 - Graduated with First Class BA HONS from Durham University in English & Anthropology. I have diverse experience in brand-naming and copywriting. My ability to find the core voice of a business or brand lends itself to understanding and conceptualising products, scripts and marketing strategies. I can synthesise ideas and initiate questions to help you find out what the real problem is before we solve it. I love brain-storming & innovation. I am also interested in behavioural change. Please get in touch if you’d like to know more. I am London-based and happy to work in-house.

INSTAGRAM: @forbesannabella
MOBILE: 07866156998

Meet Steff Bird...


Hey I'm Steff.

I'm currently working as a freelance single creative (currently as a Senior Digital Designer at DLKW Lowe) but am wanting to go full force into Art Direction as I've always loved it when I've had Art Direction gigs. So obviously the natural thing to do is go on the hunt for an awesome copywriter/partner in crime to team up with!
A bit about me: I'm originally from South Africa but have been living in London for over 8 years, started out designing when I was 14 (child labour ahem! lol) and have worked my way up to work with some of the top agencies in the business such as AMVBBDO, Possible and DLKW Lowe to name but a few.. I've always been integrated, dipping my toes in multiple creative puddles, but I'm really looking to dive into one now and fully let my career as an Art Director grow.

I'm really looking to work on some meaty good roles with someone who's awesome at what they do and not afraid to think big and crazy. The excitement of creating amazing work is what gets me up in the morning (that and my neighbours alarm set to the old Nokia ringtone erk) and those tend to go to teams, as I'm sure you're well aware.

I'm open to freelance or perm. Just after a really great fit.



Meet Louise Shaw...


I’m Louise; an Art Director that recently made the ‘big move’ down to London, after finishing a Creative Advertising course at Lincoln University.

Although I have no experience of working in the industry (yet), I have already had a lot of involvement with agencies from visiting them in London and New York, whether it be book crits or working on a brief given to me by Inferno, I have a solid understanding of how agencies work.

I am looking for a partner who wants to do more than just work for an agency - something extra. Someone who favours in Copywriting but can also give art direction advice. Someone who is fun and isn’t scared to break the rules and take a little risk to find the best idea for an Ad. 

Please drop me an email if you’re interested and we’ll meet over a coffee.
I love coffee!



Meet Tom Carter...


I'm a copywriter with a camera, currently carving my own path into the creative industry and having a bunch of fun in the process. I have studied at Bucks New Uni, DMJX in Copenhagen and I'm now in my final year at Falmouth University, it's beautiful here. I have 3 placements under my belt with some cool agencies but more importantly I have a good head on my shoulders. I'm looking to meet a like minded individual that not only shares the struggle of finding a partner on the same wave length but someone who is still at uni and hoping to take on London next summer.

Please check out my work and say hello @t0m_carter / instalyfe on instagram.

Meet Josh Pearce...


Hello. I’m Josh.

I’m a Junior/Mid Creative at Brothers & Sisters with four years experience.
I’m looking for a shit hot art director who wants to win awards.
That’s about it really. If you like what you see, give me an email and we’ll grab a pint.


PORTFOLIO: (password: watermelon)

Meet Virginia Massone...


Hello Ladies and Gentlemen,

My name is Virginia, I am an Italian Junior Art Director coming from MA Creative Advertising at Falmouth University. As a lonely heart who just overcome a partnership breakup, I would like to find The Copywriter to rock the world in some good agency for an internship or, even better, for a job.

Let me briefly talk about myself, and see if you can spot any shared interest :) I’ve been keen to go into advertising because it seems to reflect my personality: creative but focused. My creative side includes drawing, dancing (from ballet to almost any kind of music) and sometimes singing. 
Whereas, my concrete side is about time managing skills and the sacrifice of my hobbies when deadlines come closer.

Moreover, I have a thing for kitties and probably would love using them for an ad campaign! Joking aside, I have an eclectic taste in advertising, and probably for this I have found it hard to define my top 5 ad agencies list. Nevertheless, I generally prefer traditional than digital media, but that doesn’t mean I am not open to any opportunity to grow professionally and personally.

If you think my work is good and you could be The One for me :D contact me and show your work, and let’s see if it can become true love! We can get in touch and meet in the flesh once I move to London, from the beginning of July. One last thing: London would be a great starting point, although I can consider other cities in the UK and elsewhere (eg. Amsterdam, anyone? :D).

Meet Lenny James...

I’m a copywriter searching for a talented art director to help create a powerful portfolio in order to start the journey of finding placements in London. And I’m keen to start now
My journey to get this far has not been the traditional route. Moving from a successful career as a primary teacher (now aged 30), I have a wealth of experience in working collaboratively to create innovative and engaging ideas. I have also crafted original children’s fiction for the 8 – 12 age range from which I have refined my talent for storytelling and building powerful campaigns around one core emotion. Please check out my website below to see examples of how I have crafted compelling copy that targets the very root of a human emotion.
On a personal note, I live in Haringey, North London, where I play tag rugby in Finsbury Park and roam the streets in search of the tastiest local restaurants.
If you also live in London, like my work, and prepared to put in the graft to become a superb junior creative team then please get in touch.


PHONE: 07891538798