Friday, 1 May 2015

Meet Kevin Caffery...


My name is Kevin Caffery

Allow me to tell you a little about me. If I were an advertisement category I’d be a pharmaceutical.

Let me first list the potential drawbacks of a creative partnership with me:

  1. I am as the French say “of a certain age” meaning my relatively advanced age may
    work against my and hence your (if you are my partner and relying solely on me as a partner) chances of landing employment in the advertising industry. So maybe a creative polygamy partnership might be recommended to remove that risk, meaning you work with both me and another partner. The only drawback would be you would end up working a little harder since you had two partners but this is only a potential drawback since if you are planning on working in advertising you probably like the idea of working 8 days a week as the Beatles said.
  2. I don’t live in London.
  3. Should only a short term offer of employment ensue I likely could not leave the U.S.
    to pursue it.
Now for the potential benefits of a creative partnership:
  1. work online with me in building better books for both of us and hopefully find short-
    term assignments that could be produced by us even though I would be residing in the U.S. (alternatively we could risk trying to hoodwink the agency into thinking I live in London but have a very nasty cold that ends of keeping me out of the office for months.
  2. Possibility of gaining a long term assignment in London justifying my moving there.
  3. Exploring the option of our obtaining long term assignments in the U.S.
  4. Working together online to build better books and if the partnership can’t realize short or long term assignments, we will, before going our separate ways, have bettered our individual books and increased our chances of gaining a solo gig. (In this case the partnership will have acted like a portfolio school where aspiring copywriters and art directors work together on building their books and then pursue, sometimes out of necessity, an individual placement rather than a partnership placement)
If your career is in a sickly enough state and the prognosis without treatment is anything but rosy and hence you are considering, as it were, starting the drug therapy just noted, having decided the benefits outweigh the potential slight risks, then look at the 6 free samples I’ve provided, see if you can stomach them and call me in the morning (since my time zone is 6 hrs earlier than London that would be your tea-time).

If the six free samples don’t cause vomiting and dizziness then there are many more free samples to be viewed in the links at the bottom.

By the way, I’m a copywriter with no agency experience who is looking for an art director who has read this pitch and as they arrive at the next word, has already sketched out a visual for this copy that tells the left part of the reader’s brain “there is a modicum of logic to this sales pitch. there is a lot of upside and little downside to calling him in the morning “ and tells the right part of the reader’s brain “I feel sorry for the schmuck that wrote this pitch and since I’m a nice person I’ll give the product a try as it were, and give him a call in the morning. Yeah I’m definitely thinking I’m gonna call cause if I don’t I’ll feel guilty all week.”

p.s. I know a little photoshop, graduated with honors from the University of Louisiana, Lafayette with a BA, dropped out of law school, and have, for the most part, worked as a law clerk for law firms, and in the energy industry, researching legal title to minerals and negotiating oil and gas leases. 


PHONE (U.S.): 3379671049

Monday, 27 April 2015

Meet Gerard Roda...


My name is Gerard Roda, I am from València (Spain), and I am a Junior Copywriter based in London.
I am graduated in Advertising and Public Relations, and have around 9 months experience in the digital industry. I have been studying and working in Barcelona (Spain), Nashville (USA), Ankara (Turkey) Birmingham and London, where I have been involved in projects for Coca-Cola, Nike, Ikea and Banco Santander amongst some others.
As you can imagine, I am looking for an Art Director. Ideally, though not necessarily, I would like to find a British partner, so I could add an international angle to a more 'local' grasp. But please don’t take that too seriously (don’t take anything too seriously, really).
So if you are a single, sad-and-blue Art Director in pursuit of true love, drop me a line. We could meet over a pint, put some ideas in common and see if we click!
PS: If you think the design of my online portfolio is not exactly astonishing, you will understand why I need you.

Meet Zish Alexander...


Zish Alexander is a British Male of the Creative variety.

Once described as an 'Open Minded, Courageous Street Sponge' by Brixton zookeeper Marc Lewis, The species noted and praised by Watford zoologist, Tony Cullingham for 'work rate and attitude' it was in the wild bush of School of Communication Arts 2.0, where Zish fell in love with ideas.

At ease with Art and Copy, a wild Zish will often show a preference for Art Direction. Quite like the squirrel, many of the Alexander species will spend their time digging for ideas, before categorisation and storage. Then dinner.

This particular male is single and looking for an ambitious partner. Someone who shares his disgust for mediocrity and his love of all things shiny. He is known to respond to high levels of taste, work ethic and conviviality. While displaying acute and violent repulsion to non-satirical cheese and cliches.

Placement Experience:

Grey LDN: August '14 - October '14
BMB: July - August '14
VCCP: April - June '14
BBH London: Jan - March '14
101 London: Nov '13
Jack Morton Worldwide: Sep - Oct ‘13


MOBILE: +44 7849100035

Meet Zoe Vince...


I'll be your words if you be my eyes.  I'm a copywriter looking for an enthusiastic art director to create (hopefully) spine tingling ideas with.  I suffer from a moderate addiction to Earl Grey and keep a slightly excessive stash of tea bags on my desk.  But I don't chew the ends of pens, and I can make you a pretty decent desk ornament out of Blu Tack.  Watford taught, I've done placements at the likes of BBH and Mother and I've freelanced my way about a bit too.  Most recently I was at Kessels Kramer.  Now I'm looking for someone ambitious and fun to throw ideas around with, ideally, with a similar sense of humour so we feel comfortable enough to spout out any old silly musings to each other.


PHONE: 07909226150

Meet Harry Price...


I'm Harry, about to be a graduate in Creative Advertising from the University of Lincoln, and before I take the plunge in to the advertising industry, looks like I'll need a partner! 

Everyone loves to laugh, it's universal, and I'd need a partner with a sense of humour because if you're not having fun, it's not worth it. I think finding a truth in something is a powerful insight to a strategy and I'd definitely need someone with which we can bounce ideas off one another.

If you think we could make some great work together, or just want to chat, please do get in touch!


Meet Alejo Sassano...


I'm a bilingual (english/spanish) creative copywriter. Worked at big agencies such as Ogilvy and Wunderman for big brands (Coca-Cola, Gillette, Miller, Heineken, Microsoft, Nokia).
I also did some art direction.

I'm looking to team up with another creative (preferably an art director).


Meet Diogo Tovar...


Hi, I’m a Midweight Art Director and I’m looking for a partner to make amazing work together, have fun and win awards. 

I’ve worked in the past three years at FCB Inferno and before that I was living in Amsterdam where I’ve worked at 180 on the adidas global account.

Below are some samples of my work, you can see the rest on my site and if you like it and have similar experience get in touch and we can grab and coffee and chat.